Diving in Australia


Divetrip with Ocen Free to Green Island

Oceanfree from Green Island to Cairns Barramundi Cod - Chromileptes altivelis

Nightdive with TUSA Sex on Reef at Michaelmas Reef

Divetrip with Rum Runner III Bougainville Reef, Holmes Reef (Amazing, Abyss), Briggs Reef

Divetrip with TAKA II Cod Hole, Osprey Reef, Ribbon Reef No. 10 und 5

Divetrip with Romance Bait Reef, Hook Reef, Hook Island, Hayman Island (Whitesunday Islands)

Divetrip with Mike Ball Keeper Reef und Wheeler Reef

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Some Diving links (Great Barrier Reef und Coral Sea)


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