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Burj Al Arab
The Tallest Hotel In The World

Those who think they have had the ultimate comforts in life, will be thoroughly mistaken by a faint feel of the opulent extravaganza at BURJ Al Arab, the world's most luxurious hotel , opened for business on December 1 in Dubai.

Breathtaking views of Dubai from all 202-duplex suites with floor-to-ceiling windows, an unparalleled dining experience with a 140-seat Mediterranean cuisine restaurant suspended 200 metres above the sea and a seafood restaurant to be reached by a three-minute submarine ride- If your purse is fat enough to afford a cool Dhs. 3,300 to Dhs. 55,000 as suit tariff per day, you have it all.

Luxuries unlimited
Standing 321-metres-high on a man-made island the unique billowing sail-shaped structure is taller than Eifel tower.All suites - named after precious stones and gems have more than you can ask for- laptop computers with Internet access, video on demand, a 42-inch plasma TVs screen and a minimum of 14 phones. Each Grand suite features a revolving bed, private elevator, a private cinema and 27 phones. An average of five staff is at your beck and call for each suit.

Esteemed Guests of Burj Al Arab will arrive in style- either by one of the eight Rolls Royce Silver Seraph or by a 15-minute helicopter flight landing on the hotel's 28th floor helipad. The fastest lifts in the world will shuttle guests at seven metres per second.

The most technologically advanced meeting and conference facilities will satisfy your business needs. The hotel also boasts of the world's tallest atrium measuring 180 metres in height. For the walls and the flooring the marble used is Statutario, the same employed in Michaelangelo's works. 8,000 square metres of 22-carat gold leaf used within the interior design and the 28,000 lights add glitter to its glamour.

"It took five years to complete this architectural and engineering marvel," says Mr. Wolfgang Nitschke, the general manager of the hotel. In fact, The Guinness Book of Records is currently finalising the official procedures for the hotel's entry (as the tallest hotel) in its 2001 edition.

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